About me 

Here are 10 sort-of-interesting things about me…

1) I was born in San Francisco but moved to England when I was young.

2) After school I travelled around the Middle East. I clipped horses’ hooves (terrifying), cleaned sheeps’ bottoms (revolting), and worked as a shepherd (easy – you just sit there watching sheep. Sheep do nothing.)

3) I studied Ancient History and archaeology at university. I also learned Egyptian hieroglyphics, which – looking back – seems a bit pointless.

4) During a summer break, I tried to cycle from the bottom of Alaska to the top. I didn’t even get half way. No one told me it was that big.

5) By the end of university, I knew that I wanted to write stories. So I can’t explain how I ended up working in advertising. I was rubbish at it too. It was a bit embarrassing.

6) Then I got a job as a writer for Usborne Publishing. I’ve since written and edited over 30 books, on subjects such as Ancient Egypt, the Crusades and the history of London.

7) I have several scars from a motorbike accident.

8) I have never learned to ride a motorbike (these two facts are painfully connected).

9) My favourite books are Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and Framed by Frank Cottrell Boyce.

10) If you ever meet me I guarantee that I will have a roll of tape in my pocket. And I’ll explain why.