Here are 10 sort-of-interesting things about me…

1. I was born in San Francisco but moved to England when I was young.

2. After school I travelled around the Middle East. I clipped horses’ hooves (terrifying), cleaned sheeps’ bottoms (revolting), and worked as a shepherd (easy – you just sit there watching sheep. Sheep do nothing.)

3. I studied Egyptology at university. I learned to read hieroglyphics, which is a cool party trick.

4. During a summer break, I tried to cycle across Alaska. I didn’t even get half way.

5. By the end of university, I wanted to write stories. So I can’t explain how I ended up working in advertising. I was rubbish at it.

6. I got a job as a writer for Usborne Publishing, for whom I’ve written and edited over 80 books, on subjects ranging from the Crusades to Space.

7. I’ve written three novels for Walker Books. This website goes on about them quite a bit, so you can find out more here.

8. I have several scars from a motorbike accident.

9. I have never learned to ride a motorbike (these two facts are painfully connected)

10. If you ever meet me I guarantee that I will have a roll of tape in my pocket. And I’ll explain why.